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Rainbow Bright 80


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Product Information

Rainbow Bright, well that just about sums up what it is…The full Spectrum of colours all in one go. I can’t tell you how difficult this has been to get right. I wondered whether getting 7 colours into a one yard circle was going to be just too much. Well it was posible, and the result was stunning.
Because the colours lead into one another following the colour wheel they don’t clash with each other or look garish at all. In fact with the most beautiful intermediate colours of lime green, sea green, peach, maroon etc the whole skein is a thing of beauty.  You have gathered that I love this rainbow!.
Yellow was the most difficult colour to get right as I discovered that only pure yellow really looks yellow,when orange blends into it to give  looks orange and lime green looks green!!
Also getting the right proportions of the different colours was an interesting excersize in itself.

It's very difficult to show you the thread as when I twist it into a skein it becomes a mish-mosh and loses the colour flow which is it's beauty. Take a look at the other images and i hope this will help tp show it's beauty, hope to add more later.

The skeins are in Coats Mercer 80 and are 50 yards long.

Product Code: RB80


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