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If you have never used hand dyed thread before I hope that it will be a pleasurable experience for you.


If you have already used it, I know that you will have found that the dyeing process seem to condition the thread and leave it silky smooth, a pleasure to use.


The thread that I use is a top quality 6 cord thread, either Coats Mercer,DMC Cordonnet Special or the new Lisbeth threads. 6 cord thread is particularly well suited to tatting which needs a firm thread, but can be used for other fibre arts.


The thread has been carefully wound by hand into skeins eliminating as many irregularities in the thread as possible. Whenever a slub or a knot in the thread is found the thread is cut, tied off and another skein started. These short skeins are usually dyed in solid colours to make up sets of solids co-ordinating with the variegateds. Sets will generally be at least 50 yards in total length.


The thread  is then washed to remove any finishes that might affect uptake of dye.

The thread is dyed using Procion MX fibre reactive dyes and left to cure for 24 hours and is finally washed many, many times until all traces of unused dye have been washed away.
The thread is then colourfast and can be washed in warm water and ironed on a low heat setting. Dont use bleach.

The variegated colourways have been hand painted on to the thread so that the colours merge gently into each other often creating beautiful intermediate colours. No two skeins will be identical, but within a batch they will be very similar. Please bear in mind that a new batch may differ from the previous one.

I began dyeing threads for my own personal tatting pleasure. I was asked so many times to share my colours  that this shop is the result,but you will never find large quantities of thread.  Take a look around and maybe you will find something you like. Sign up for my newsletter and be  notified when something new arrives in the shop. 

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you require a larger number of skeins than is currently available, that may be possible

Most of all enjoy your threads.

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